The members’ interests

As the largest professional association of psychologists in Switzerland, the FSP represents the interests of around 7,500 members. It addresses the professional policy concerns of psychologists active in Switzerland and is committed to improving the appeal and reputation of psychology professions.

To this end, the FSP raises the profiles of psychology professions and ensures their positioning in politics, business and society. It negotiates or proposes tariffs for psychology-related services. The FSP monitors developments in its members’ environment, and exercises an influence where necessary. It organises specialist conferences and fosters exchanges with key stakeholders.

It also pursues a variety of projects, which currently include:

  • Involvement at various levels in obtaining the acceptance of psychological psychotherapists in the benefit catalogue of compulsory health insurance: At present, their services are only reimbursed if they are employed in a medical practice. Together with the ASP and SBAP associations, the FSP wants to change this. On a political level, it is campaigning to change the relevant ordinance.
  • Commitment to improving the work and employment conditions of psychologists in institutions: As well as seeking to establish an appropriate legal framework, the FSP develops job profiles for various fields and organises events to strengthen the negotiating positions of its members – in issues relating to employment law, advanced training agreements or salaries.
  • Salary survey of members: On the basis of the survey findings, additional areas of action are identified in order to allow psychologists to earn a decent income.
  • The development of guidelines for the provision of online services and their implementation.

psy_in_institutionenjpg «Fair conditions, fair salary»: during further training courses, the FSP prepares its members for organising their own professional group within the institution in which they are employed.