Confidence-building professional ethics

The FSP professional code of conduct aims to guarantee the ethics and quality of psychological services. It serves to strengthen the reputation of psychology professions and to protect the public from the misuse of psychology. All FSP members undertake to observe the principles set out in it.

Anybody who suspects that a breach of the professional code of conduct has been committed can lodge a complaint with the professional ethics commission of the FSP. This option is available to patients and clients, as well as to colleagues. The nine-member professional ethics commission investigates the complaint and comes to a decision after consulting the parties concerned. If a breach of the professional code of conduct has indeed been committed, the professional ethics commission can impose a range of sanctions, ranging from supervised sessions to further training courses or even exclusion from the association. The latter also implies the loss of the specialist title obtained from the association.

Obligation to complete further training

In order to guarantee the quality of their professional actions, FSP members have an obligation to complete regular further training. They are responsible for providing their own proof of this training. The FSP checks that the further training obligation has been met by means of spot checks.