An umbrella organisation

The Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP) was founded in 1987 and is the largest professional association of psychologists in Switzerland.

The FSP is the umbrella organisation for 46 member associations and as such brings together psychology professionals from a variety of specialist disciplines: psychotherapists of various kinds, work and organisational psychologists, clinical psychologists with various specialisations, sports psychologists, health psychologists, career advisors and coaching psychologists, psycho-oncologists, legal psychologists, child and youth psychologists, neuropsychologists , traffic psychologists and others.

The FSP has approximately 7,500 members, all of whom have a master’s level qualification in psychology. They undertake to follow regular further training and to adhere to the ethical principles set out in the professional code of conduct.

  • As the voice of psychology in society, the FSP takes a stand on topics that are relevant to society and psychology, and promotes widespread recognition of the discipline.
  • The various branches of psychology, as well as the regional and national partner organisations, are connected through the FSP.
  • Thanks to the FSP, psychologists of all disciplines enjoy widespread recognition and an ideal operational framework for their work.
An active association. Read about the FSP’S commitments.

  • Since its founding 30 years ago, the FSP has grown steadily: today there are around 7,500 members.
  • The management board is the FSP’s executive and strategic governing body.
  • Sabine Schläppi is the Managing Director of the FSP.