An active association

The FSP provides for the improvement of the social, economic and legal position of psychologists active in Switzerland  (Professional policy), promotes the training, advanced training and further training of these psychologists (Advanced and Further Training) and protects the public from the fraudulent application of psychology (Professional Ethics).

The FSP fought for a long time to obtain a protected status for the profession and when the ‘psychology profession law’ came into effect in 2013, this dream became a reality. As well as affording rights, the law also brought about certain responsibilities. Applying the law and the consequences of it will occupy the association for many years to come.

As well as the commitments listed above, the FSP advises its members on the central questions of their professional daily lives and gives them affordable access to services and products relevant to the profession. It keeps its members up to date via various information channels, such as the «Psychoscope» magazine, and promotes exchange between the disciplines within psychology.

bundeshausjpg The parliament building in Berne: this is where the Federal Assembly decided to protect the title, «psychologist». The application of the law is still a matter for the state and the FSP today.