Psychologists contribution to society

Psychology makes an important contribution in responding to a number of societal challenges of today. Psychologists take responsibility and bring their unique expertise into the fields of health and wellbeing, health promotion and prevention, law and justice, security, traffic, education, human resources, organisational development and beyond. Despite this broad area of work, public perception about what psychologist do remains limited and unfortunately also prejudiced. What exactly do psychologists contribute to health and wellbeing? How, for example, do they support the education system or improve road safety?
We dedicate the European Semester of Psychology to answering some of those questions and to shed some light on the different occupational profiles of psychologists in Switzerland. Broadcasting psychology’s important contribution to society will enhance public perception, destigmatise the area of expertise and strengthen psychologists’ self-concept.
Interesting job profiles will be published during the next six months on There you'll also find interesting information about the Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP), host of the EFPA European Semester from January to July 2017.

Sabine Schläppi

Director, Federation of Swiss Psychologists FSP