More than Psychotherapy

When psychology is the topic of conversation, Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis and the renowned couch still first come to mind for many people today. Yet psychology involves much more than that.

There are almost limitless possibilities open to psychologists. Some decide to undergo further training as psychotherapists, while others enter the profession as career counsellors. Psychologists are employed by the police, they’re in demand in human resources departments, they work for Internet agencies analysing user behaviour on websites, and psychologists advise parents and teachers on educational matters.

Psychoscope, the FSP magazine, regularly features portraits of psychologists who work in a broad range of professions. The portraits not only describe their tasks, but also their career development. These are exciting, real-life stories! Some of the texts are translated into English and can be found under the Job Profiles section. We hope you enjoy reading them.